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Since 2020, Founded by HongKonger

移英港人開設的韓國純素選物店 正式登陸英國
主打純素及無害成份 可供孕婦及敏感肌使用
Our shop mainly sell VEGAN and No harmful ingredients skincare from Korea.
Let's go green and clean with these vegan beauty and skincare brands


獨特的 U.D.T 深層滲透技術含有抗氧化和保濕成分,黑米系列主打可深層緊緻肌膚

The best is Black Rice Once called ‘forbidden rice’ in ancient China, Black Rice was only limited to royals and the rich. Haruharu Black Rice line gives vitality to the skin with its distinctive anti-oxidant effects. It resolves everyday dryness by holding of moisture tightly in skin. Skin-friendly Panax Ginseng liposome technology is applied on selected Korean grown black rice to deliver nutrients deeper into the skin.


​來自韓國的純素無害護膚 主打高滲透度精華

Mary & May is an honest & clean beauty skin care brand. We sources only top quality and safe ingredients, then contains effective contents sufficiently to offer the best results on your skin. Abundance of active ingredients, transparent disclosure of active ingredient content, easy to understand information, eco-friendly packaging, Mary & May will guide you toward true clean beauty.

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